Monday, June 27, 2011

Upward soccer

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed playing Upward Soccer so far this season! We are complete newbies when it comes to soccer (remember, we do football)! Where I grew up ER didn't even offer soccer as a sport and Chad played a grand total of one year - IN THE FIRST GRADE!! Needless I say, we can hardly give our kids any pointers and yet, they are holding their own! Cooper especially has put forth great effort and shows some potential (as much as a 5 year old can right?)!! Today Cooper had 3 goals and Brody had one! Miss Molly likes playing defense the best so she doesn't have to run as much!! However, she enjoys soccer so much that when she broke her wrist she was bummed that she might not get to play!! We wrapped her cast today so she wouldn't wack anyone with it and she went on her merry way!! We are really proud of all 3 kids and we will be sad to see the season end!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Offer Them Christ

Two seperate trips to the Phillipines are being planned right now - my sister Tracey and her husband Todd and sweet friend Mabel leave this week and my dear friends Gini and Sheryl (among many others) leave July 6th. It's funny how we send friends and family to missions abroad to be a blessing to the people of extreme poverty or children and families who need to know Christ and they come back having been extremely blessed themselves!! Please joing me in prayer for both groups. Pray for their safety in traveling Please pray for God's hand to lead them each where they need to be and please pray for the children in the areas they will be visiting. I leave you with a link to my friend Sheryl's blog - please read it, be informed, and know exactly what's going on and how to pray.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi friends! It's been a while but hopefully my long, lazy summer days stretching before me will allow me more blogging time! In the mean time, here is a liks of blogs that I love and follow religiously!!

My dear friend Betsy and her hubby Dustan and their sweet baby Bear

Please enjoy these blogs and check back on them often - I could post many more that I check for new recipes and sewing tutorials but the list is long and extensive but I promise to in another post! Hope you are all enjoying your summers - I will be back soon!!