Friday, February 5, 2010

Charlotte's Web

For a couple of weeks now, Molly and I have been reading a few pages from Charlotte's Web and it has a CRAZY power over her to make her fall asleep just about EVERYTIME! I love it! We are just to the part where the Zuckerman's and Arable's are leaving for the fair and I will probably have to read a few pages over b/c she was fading so fast. It's precious and priceless time with my sweet baby girl. Please Lord do not ever let me forget this special time with my firstborn. I cannot wait to finish the book so I can show her the movie. She doesn't even know it exists so I know she will be super excited. This picture was taken a couple of nights ago....and as I posted on FB, isn't it a miracle that a spider can spin a web? Let alone write words in it?

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