Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Boys of Fall

Have you seen The Boys of Fall video by Kenny Chesney? It gives me chills, it made me cry, and most importantly it gets me excited for football!

Chad has officially been "doing football" for 4 weeks now I guess and I have been less than patient with him and the football situation. It wears me out to be here from morning til night, alone, with 3 kids. It's hard to do breakfast, lunch, dinner, dressing kids, wiping tails, playing games, trying to sew, etc when I am here by myself. I've been huffy with the time Chad has had to spend away from us. Thinking that it's not worth it. The money vs. the time doesn't equal out. At All.

However, HE LOVES HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL. He eats, sleeps, and breathes it. Chad draws plays on anything that will be still - tons of notebooks, napkins in restuarants, he even showed me a play one time in french fries at Wendys. NO JOKE. Chad longs for the day (hopefully soon) when he can take the boys with him to practice. Not only so they can be around it but also to get them out of my hair for awhile (yay!). He doesn't necessarily care if they even play in the future. He just wants them to be exposed to something that he loves soooo much. Will he coach forever? Who knows. In a way he would like to coach the twins when they get to high school but in another he would like to sit in the stands with me (I think I'd rather have him on the field with them).

So, after watching The Boys of I am ready. I love the smell at the stadium before the games: fresh cut grass, hot dogs and popcorn cooking, and actually cigarette smoke smell. I love the band and of course the cheerleaders but I love the run through. I get chills when the team gets fired up and ready to play. I love when Chad gets excited and the most you will ever see out of him is clapping and butt smacking! I like it that the twins want to put their jerseys on (wear them to school all day) and carry their footballs under their arm and "protect them." I love packing our snack bag and getting our blanket ready to sit on the track and enjoy our Boys of Fall. JCHS Patriot Football is about to start and I couldn't be more thrilled!

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