Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yesterday something so odd happened to me while I was at Children's Hospital with Brody for his eye appointment. We went to the restroom outside the doctor's office and as we were washing our hands the strangest smell washed over me. It was something so familiar and sweet and took me a few seconds to realize - the smell was the soap! The same soapy smell that we had to use many, many times everyday when our sweet Molly was born and sent to the NICU. We had to scrub up to our elbows before they would let us come in to hold her or feed her and the smell from yesterday was so exactly the same that I almost cried in the middle of a Children's Hospital bathroom! It took my breath and I must have made a noise because Brody said, "What momma?"

I wanted to share....It was such a sweet and scary time with our first baby. We had so many CRAZY emotions during those 5 days of NICU. We were blessed beyond measure by the nuns at St. Mary's Hospital who would not letting us pay for our room, the nurses that made Molly a bow out of surgical tape so that her IV in her head wouldn't look so horrible, took pictures of her when we didn't want to remember her being in that isolet bed and made a cd for us to take home, and by the night-time volunteer who knitted Molly a purple hat to match her purple blankie. Yesterdays smell brought back a rush of feelings and emotions and I couldn't wait to get home and hug my sweet Molly!!

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