Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In times of trouble

Sometimes it seems all I can ever come up with to post about are sickness and tragedy.  Again today that rings true.  I can't get things off my mind and yet some how writing about it helps.  

There are two things that I cling to in times of trouble....The first and foremost is the CROSS.  I will not be afraid, because of the Cross.  I will not be upset, because of the Cross.  I will not carry a spirit of fear, because of the Cross.  I will not worry, because of the Cross.  I will not dwell on the negative, because of the Cross!

I choose to look at the positive, ALWAYS AND FOREVER, BECAUSE OF THE CROSS!

The second thing that I choose to cling to is a sense of pride and hope and community.  The symbol of what I cling to is the flag.  I cling to patriotism during these times.  I am thrilled to see flags at half staff honoring the victims in Boston.  In times of trouble we all need a sense of continuity.  We need a sense of community.  We need to send out a message to the evil of this world that says, "What you have done cannot break our spirit.  What you have done is not going to bring us down.  What you have done will only make us stronger.  What you have done will not go unpunished and will not be overlooked or forgotten."  

I read an article this morning about a Boston business man that is doing just that.  He is sending out a message and we should all be doing the same (Please click on the link to the article).   

Remember: CROSS first, PATRIOTISM second.  May God Bless You and the USA.

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