Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

A lot has happened to our family over the past couple of months! My mom's surgery, Cooper almost broke his nose, Molly broke her arm while I was in VA taking care of my mom, etc! We are very blessed that Molly and Cooper's injuries were not life-threatening but even more amazingly blessed that my mom has done so well! She has definetly been a trooper through her 5 bypass surgery, stay in the hospital, and her long recovery at home. She hasn't been able to use her arms to lift herself out of a chair, sleep in the bed, or drive for the past 5 weeks!! She has been an amazing patient and my dad and sister Terri have been excellent caregivers! We have been blessed from countless others with flowers, cards, food, and visits and we are more than forever grateful for the prayers of so many which we have felt everyday through this process!! Right now our goal is to make it to our favorite vacation spot: Isle of Palms, SC in June to enjoy a week at the beach!!

I am so thrilled to have been able to spend Mother's Day with my sweet momma and I am so proud of her!! I am blessed beyond measure to be her daughter and to have been able to learn about being a mommy from one of the best, who learned from her momma who was one of the best!! I am forever grateful to God for her life, her faith, and everything she has taught me!! Happy Mother's Day!! I love you mom!!

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