Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Summer

The kids and I have officially been out of school for 4 days now and we are LOVING every minute of it! I wanted to post some highlights of Summer 2012 so far!! We've been to the Splash Pad, played on our Slip-n-Slide, and had a picnic at Cherokee Dam!! We can't wait for daddy to be out of school (today is his last day)!!
Yes, we went to the Splash Pad with a cling-wrapped arm (and by the way, the cling-wrap didn't really help - YIKES!)!!

I still think you are getting wet Coop!

Sitting on the spout doesn't make it stop Brody!!

**Disclaimer: Sorry the pictures are sideways - I am still trying to figure out all this Blogger stuff and will take tips and hints from anyone!!


  1. What cutie pies! Hope y'all enjoy your summer :)

    1. Thanks Christy, Are you all coming down anytime this summer??