Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Traditions

The Cox Clan is anxious for the upcoming holiday season.  There are so many fun things planned and so many traditions that we love and it just doesn't feel quite like Christmas if we have to leave one out.  Our traditions range from Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Eve service at JCCC, sleeping with our kids on Christmas Eve (Chad with the boys and Molly and I), baby Jesus' birthday party, and many more.  However, probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions is packing our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan's Purse.  If you have never packed a shoebox for a child in need - YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A TRUE BLESSING!  Every year our church shows videos of boxes being delivered all over the world and sweet children savoring each item in their box!  I tear up every time and I have vowed that one day I will help deliver those boxes and see those cuties in person as they open their present from someone that doesn't even know them but loves them just the same!

So, if you have never packed a box before, here is how you can get started:
1.  Visit the website
2.  Download and print the labels
3.  Decide on what gender and age range you are going to pack a box for
4.  Head to the Dollar Tree and buy goodies for your box
5.  Wrap your shoebox (or plastic container with a lid), post your label (with gender and age range) on the front, put a rubberband around the box
6.  Find a drop off location, pray over your box and BE BLESSED BECAUSE YOU ARE BLESSING OTHERS!!

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  1. We are packin ours today! So glad to see you posting!

    .mac :)