Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday

Are you tired of hearing about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc and so on?  Here's is something you can sink your teeth into (at least I know I can)!!  


Did you know?  There are people all over our country giving to others so unselfishly that today I am proud to be a part of this great nation.  People are using social media to spread the word and give ideas and I wanted to get in on the action!

Have you ever had someone pay for your food in the McDonalds drive-thru?  Did you turn around and do it in return for the person behind you?  Such an easy but powerful blessing!

Have you given coats that you have grown out of or don't wear anymore to Coats for the Cold?  Are there people in your community that don't have what you have?  Are there little ones that are going to go without a warm jacket this winter?  Give you coats people, how hard is that?

Do you participate in the shoebox ministry at your church?  Never heard of it?  Follow this link to be a blessing to children around the world that don't know Jesus Christ and may never have a Christmas if it wasn't for you!!

Spare change in your pocket?  Throw it in that big red pot in front of most major stores and support the Salvation Army - it only takes a little pocket change to add up to MAJOR BENEFITS for so many!

Do you know someone that is adopting a child?  Do they have a little person they are praying without ceasing that will soon be a part of their family - Buy a shirt here and here to help support them monetarily in their adoption.

Can you spare a few dollars for Toys for Tots?  Most stores are collecting toys for children in our communities that will go without this Christmas!  Buy one more toy than is already on your list and brighten a little God-Love-It's Christmas!!

Pay someone's parking meter!

Bring someone you work with a Sweat Tea from McDonalds!

Bake cookies for your elderly neighbors!

Send a Christmas card via snail mail and brighten someone's day!

Go Christmas caroling at your local nursing home!

Give a gift card for Starbucks coffee to your crossing guard at your kids' school!

My point is folks, GIVE TO OTHERS!  Isn't that what this season should be about?  You will never know the impact of your blessing on someone else this side of Heaven!  Our God will bless you 100 fold for blessing others so please get involved and let me know what you are doing to promote Giving Tuesday (and everyday)!!

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