Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brody Man

Well my friends, it's official: Brody has to have eye surgery on Tuesday September 21st and we would love to have your thoughts and prayers. We will go for a pre-op appointment next week where they doctor will give us a little more information on the surgery itself but basically, his vision is now the same in both eyes! 20/20 with his glasses on! However, his eyes continue to cross even with the glasses on. Therefore, he needs the surgery to correct the crossing. Brody will be put to sleep and the doctor will go in and relax the muscles in the corners of both eyes. Why both? They explained it like this: "If you have a bicycle with a flat tire in the front or the back, you can't ride. So you have to make sure you have air in both tires before you can ride." So, that's why we need to have both eye muscles operated on. After his "less than an hour" surgery, he will go to recovery and then we can come home. Brody's only restrictions will be: No swimming for 2 weeks and No playing in the sand box or dirt. Which Brody took as NO SWIMMING FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE and we had to have a little come to Jesus moment about that. After surgery we will have 3 post op appointments, the day after surgery, the week after and finally a month after.

It's no fun having to have a child put to sleep but I am TOTALLY trying to keep this surgery in perspective here. Please pray for our apprehension and anxiety about the whole situation and for complete and easy recovery for Brody! I will keep you posted!

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