Friday, September 24, 2010

God is so good! I feel like we are on the downhill slide of Brody's eye surgery and recovery! He did great with his "happy juice" that put him to sleep before he was actually put to sleep and then surgery went very well. Waking up and recovery was very painful for Brody and momma and daddy. His eyes were swollen and sticky and he couldn't open them and cried. Thus making it harder for him to open them. He said, "I don't wanna go here." and "I can't see your faces." I did ok trying to console him until then. I didn't ant to hear my baby say he couldn't see my face. I cried and it was probably a good thing that he couldn't see me! ;) However, after about 30 minutes or so we got him calm enough to open his eyes, watch part of a movie, eat 2 popsicles and go back out to play the touch-screen video games in the hallway of Children's Hospital.

Brody has had a couple of rough mornings with swelling, burning eyes, squnting and not wanting to put in his drops but I can defintely tell a difference in his eye placement with and without the glasses! Praise God for straight eyes! And the best part is that for the past 2 nights I have gotten to rock and sing my 4 year old baby to sleep...Good medicine for this worried momma's soul.

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